As a NON-PROFIT childcare center serving many low income families, we rely on donations for many of our educational materials, scholarships, etc. 

One of our mothers said, “The scholarship I received was incredibly helpful in ensuring that my daughter was prepared for kindergarten. Without the scholarship, she wouldn’t have been ready for kindergarten in the fall, because she would have withdrawn from Preschool. My daughter already had to drop out of dance this year, because of finances, so this was extremely helpful.”

Based on a National Institutes of Health study, “For every dollar invested in high quality early education there is a 18% return on investment because children finished high school or college, earning more than their peers, and also because participants were less likely to be held back, arrested, depressed, involved with drugs or sick.”

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Still unsure of whether you should give? Watch the following video to find out the impact you could have on a child’s life.

You can help provide a scholarship for a family in need.
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