16 Months-33/35 Months

Toddlers are very curious about their surroundings and they love to explore. Our teachers help nurture this curiosity with many fun learning activities throughout the day. Learning activities emphasize language skills, gross motor skills, creative arts, math and science concepts, perceptual skills, the world around us, and personal and social growth. These skills help children meet the Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards: Birth to Kindergarten

Our teachers use the primary caregiver model. Each caregiver is assigned a small group of children. They create a strong bond with each child by diapering, feeding, putting them to sleep, playing, and providing a loving atmosphere throughout the day. The primary caregiver’s group of children also often form strong relationships with the other children in their group. These relationships often mimic sibling bonds and may be especially rewarding for “only children.” The parent and adult primary caregiver will communicate and share information building a positive parent-teacher rapport.

At this age they are learning social and emotional intelligence by playing with other children and learning to share and take turns. Teachers encourage children to show an interest in other children, respond to others feelings, and express themselves through words and sign language. 

Around the two year mark teachers work with parents on starting the potty training process with their child. The goal is to have them fully potty trained by the time they transition into one of the preschool rooms. 

Parents provide diapers and wipes. All meals, snacks, and resource events are included in the tuition fee. Visit our rates page for weekly tuition rates.

Potty Training with Games and Tools by Pull-Ups

30 Best-Ever Potty Training Tips

Wakota: A Guiding Star Center (Maternity and baby clothes (newborn to 3T), newborn layettes, blankets, diapers and wipes, baby care items and equipment and more!)

(Infants) 6 Weeks-16 Months
(Preschool) 33/35 Months-1st Day of Kindergarten

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