Our experienced teachers teach the children readiness skills such as: following directions, recognizing letters and numbers, and socialization in a fun learning environment. The day is structured in 20-minute increments focusing on helping children develop the skills needed for kindergarten.

The preschool curriculum encompasses our Philosophy and Goals using activities such as: Featured Child, Letter of the Week, Journaling, Music & Movement, and Exploring the Natural World, including a S.T.E.M. focus.

Curriculums included in our Preschool program are:

*Everyday Mathematics which includes problem solving in everyday situations, uses hands-on activities, practices content (numbers, operations, data, geometry, patterns, functions, etc.).

*Growing, Growing Strong a whole health curriculum that teachers use to assist children in learning a healthy lifestyle.

*LANA (Learning About Nutrition Through Activities) with the goal of helping young children learn to taste, eat and enjoy more fruits and vegetables in order to promote good health.

*Conscious Discipline provides an array of behavior management strategies and classroom structures that teachers can use to turn everyday situations into learning opportunities.

*The High Scope Preschool Curriculum where active learning is its core component, but it also encompasses assessment, adult-child interaction, daily routine, and learning environment.

*The Letter People and Develop Inspire Grow (DIG) which is a thematic integrated instruction centered around science, social studies, daily math concepts, and a meaningful literacy program incorporating oral development and 26 hands on letter people puppets.

We believe children learn best when they are in a safe welcoming environment. 

Preschool goals are: Language Literacy, Mathematics and Science, Friendship Skills, Self Help Skills/Fine Motor, and Creative Expression.

Information on days, hours, and rates can be found on our Preschool Program Rates Page.

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